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Scott Brand Paper Towel products are known for their quality and cleaning power. Whether you need disposable paper towels for your kitchen or home, folded paper towels and dispensers for janitorial or commercial settings, or ultra tough cloth paper towels for your shop or garage, you can count on Scott to have the right disposable towel for your application.

Scott Paper Towels FAQ

  • Are Scott paper towels absorbent?

    The Scott Kitchen Paper Towels are a smart choice when you need an efficient kitchen paper towel for your break room. These single-ply kitchen paper towels feature absorptive pockets that tend to dry fast, so users can dry their hands or wipe up spills in fewer towels.

  • What are scott paper towels made of?

    It depends on the specific Scott towel product you mean. Scott kitchen paper towels are made from 100% virgin fiber. Scott towels are made with a fiber mix of 60% recycled fiber. Their shop towels are made from polyester.

  • Are Scott Towels compostable?

    Paper towels that have been used to clean up dirt, water, or plant based foods can be composted. Even paper towels that have been used to blow your nose can be composted, as long as you do not have a contagious virus.

  • Are Scott Paper Towels biodegradable?

    Yes, all of Scott's paper towels and napkins, as well as the outer packaging, are recyclable. Scott's paper towels and napkins gradually decompose when left out in the open for 60 days or less.

  • Who makes scott paper towels?

    Kimberly-Clark is an iconic manufacturer of paper towels and related products, with a current market cap of more than $43 billion. Their brands include Cottonelle, Scott, Huggies, Kleenex, Kotex, Pull-Ups, and Viva.