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Lexmark CS431dw Color Laser Printer (40N9320)



Lexmark C3426dw Color Laser Printer (40N9310)



HP Color Laserjet Pro M255dw (7KW64A#BGJ)



HP Laserjet Enterprise Sfp M612x (7PS87A#BGJ)



HP Laserjet Enterprise Sfp M612dn (7PS86A#BGJ)



HP Laserjet Enterprise Sfp M611x (7PS85A#BGJ)



HP Laserjet Enterprise Sfp M611dn (7PS84A#BGJ)



HP Laserjet Enterprise Sfp M610dn (7PS82A#BGJ)



Lexmark 29S0300 Laser Printer



Lexmark B3340dw Laser Printer (29S0250)



Lexmark MS431dw Laser Printer (29S0100)



Lexmark MS431dn Laser Printer (29S0050)



Lexmark MS331dn Laser Printer (29S0000)



Epson Surecolor S60600pc2 Print And Cut Printe (SCS60600PC2)



Troy Group Troy M404dn Micr Printer 1t/1l (01-00861-111) (0100861111)



Government Xerox VersaLink C600DN Color Laser Printer (XERC600/YDN)



Government Xerox VersaLink C405DN Color Laser MFP (XERC405/YDN)



Government Xerox VersaLink B610DN Mono Laser Printer (XERB610/YDN)



Xerox VersaLink B605XL Mono Laser MFP (XERB605/XL)



Xerox VersaLink B605SF Mono Laser MFP (XERB605/SF)



Xerox VersaLink B600DXP Mono Laser Printer (XERB600/DXP)



Xerox B210DNI Mono Laser Printer (XERB210/DNI)



Xerox B205NI Mono Laser MFP (XERB205/NI)



Xerox WorkCentre 3345DNI Mono Laser MFP (XER3345/DNI)



Xerox WorkCentre 3335DNI Mono Laser MFP (XER3335/DNI)



Xerox Phaser 3330DNI Mono Laser Printer (XER3330/DNI)



TROY M607n Mono Laser Security Printer (TRS01-06640-111)



TROY 607n MICR Printer (TRS01-06610-101)



TROY M507dn Security Printer W/Lock (TRS01-04740-111)



TROY M507dn MICR Secure Printer (TRS01-04720-101)



TROY M203dw MICR Printer (TRS01-00985-101)



Government Lexmark MS825dn Mono Laser Printer (LEX50GT300)



Lexmark MS826de Mono Laser Printer (LEX50G0310)



Lexmark MS823dn Mono Laser Printer (LEX50G0200)



Lexmark MS822de Mono Laser Printer (LEX50G0110)



Lexmark CX820dtfe Color Laser MFP (LEX42K0012)



Laser printers are capable of delivering much more efficient print times, clearness of text, and reliability than some of the other printers on the market. While Inkjet printers might be cheaper due to the lower initial cost, there are plenty of reasons to spend the additional money upfront for a laser printer. In fact, a laser printer is likely to save you money over the long run. This is largely due to the fact that laser printers use less ink which makes them much more economical and efficient which can keep you from having to constantly change ink cartridges.

A laser printer is also much faster than their Inkjet counterparts which makes them the ideal and most suitable option for offices or those who want a faster printer in general. They happen to run much quieter which can keep you from having to deal with loud and distracting noises coming from your printer. This is ideal in virtually every scenario since Inkjet printers can get exceedingly loud during operation. However, laser printers can be ideal for use at home, as well. After all, nowadays they happen to come in a variety of different budgets and sizes. While you might not want a huge laser printer at home, they now come in much more compact sizes which make them much more suitable for a home environment. 

If you are someone that prints a lot of labels either for envelopes or shipping labels, you are going to want to get a laser printer for them. Printing labels with Inkjet printers can end up causing smearing if the label gets wet. This is why it is always preferred to print any sort of labels with a laser printer. Not only is the text much more clear, but it is not going to smear when it gets wet. Also, since they are much more efficient and economical to run, you won't have to worry about constantly running out of ink and having to pay more ongoing costs to keep your printer running. Printing a lot of shipping labels with an Inkjet can get expensive in a hurry.

Wireless Laser Printers.

While you are much more limited if you are narrowing down your selection to wireless laser printers, there are still plenty to choose from. When shopping for wireless laser printers, you should really be looking for not only the WiFi compatibility feature but also one with high-reliability standards. By finding printers with WiFi with good reliability, you can further narrow down your options based on which printers offer the best value proposition.

Top Laser Printer Brands.

There are plenty of different laser printer brands that you can shop for. Some of the heavyweights in the industry are Xerox and Brother. Each of these brands offers the best price to value ratio. Not only are you getting excellent performance at a great price, but you are also getting excellent features that make some of their printers really stand out on the marketplace. They also happen to offer some of the best support you will find. The key is finding a printer that fits your specific criteria regarding print speed, paper capacity, size, budget, and more.