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Church & Dwight Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Filter (3320001710CT)



Church & Dwight Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Filter (3320001710)



LPS Food Grade Machine Oil, 11 oz Aerosol Can, 12/Carton (01316)



Lorell Tower Heater (00311)



Lorell HEPA Air Purifier (00201)



Lorell Replacement Premium HEPA Filter (00202)



Lorell 1.8L Cool Mist Humidifier (00211)



Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Tilt Truck (9T16BLA)



Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Tilt Dump Truck (9T14BLA)



Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Housekeeping Cart (9T78)



Rubbermaid Commercial High Capacity Janitorial Cart (9T73)



AbilityOne 7240017240016811787 SKILCRAFT Trash Can Dolly, 350 lb Capacity, 17.75" x 6", Black/Red



AbilityOne 7240017240016811786 SKILCRAFT Trash Can Dolly, 250 lb Capacity, 17.75" x 6", Black/Gray



Ettore Products Company Ettore Trash Picker (49042CT)



Ettore Products Company Ettore Grip 'n Grab Multipurpose Pickup Tool (49036CT)



Ettore Products Company Ettore Grip 'n Grab Multipurpose Pickup Tool (49016CT)



S. C. Johnson & Son Raid Ant Baits (697329CT)



S. C. Johnson & Son Raid Ant Baits (697325CT)



S. C. Johnson & Son Raid Ant/Roach Killer Spray (697322CT)



Impact Maids' Basket (1803CT)



Therapure Mini Plug-In Collection Blade Air Purifier, One Speed, Black/Silver (90TP50BLM01)



Impact Gator Dolly, 300 lb Capacity, 18" Diameter, Black (IMP 7704)



Replacement Carbon Filter for Holmes and Bionaire Air Purifiers, 4/Pack (HAPF60PDQU1)



Newell Rubbermaid Holmes aer1 HAP242-UC HEPA-Type Air Filter (HAPF30AT-U4R-1)



Envion Ionic Pro Compact Air Purifier (90IP01MI01W)



Alera Ceramic Heater Tower with Remote Control, 7.17" x 7.17" x 22.95", Black (HECT24)



S. C. Johnson & Son Raid Flying Insect Spray (300816CT)



Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Quick Cart Caddy, Large, Dark Gray (1902468)



Raid Foaming Crack and Crevice Bed Bug Killer, 17.5 oz, Aerosol (305739)



Raid Foaming Crack and Crevice Bed Bug Killer, 17.5 oz, Aerosol, 6/Carton (305739)



Raid Roach Baits, 0.7 oz, Box, 6/Carton (697330)



Raid Roach Baits, 0.63 oz Box, 12/Carton (697324)



d-CON Disposable Bait Station, 3w x 3d x 1 1/4h, 6/Carton (19200-99427)



S. C. Johnson & Son Raid Flying Insect Spray (300816)



Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Box, 21 1/5w x 43d x 17 7/8h, Dark Indigo Metallic (RMRT500000)



Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Box, 20 2/5w x 32 3/10d x 16 7/10h, Dark Indigo Metallic (RMRT310000)



BlueDogSupplies.com is a one-stop-shop for all of your janitorial supplies and other janitorial needs. We carry a huge selection of janitorial products from wipes and cleaners all the way to industrial janitorial equipment. If you’re looking to stock up on janitorial supplies and cleaning products we are sure to have what you’re looking for. 

Cleaners & Detergents

You’d be hard-pressed to find a janitorial supply closet without cleaners and detergents in it. As any master of the custodial arts will tell you, cleaners and detergents are staples when it comes to janitorial supplies. At BlueDogSupplies.com we carry a large selection of detergents and cleaning solutions including all-purpose cleaners, kitchen cleaners, glass cleaners, sanitizing wipes, and more. We also have a wide variety of disinfectants, antibacterial cleaners, and anti-bacterial cleaners. Looking for cleaning cloths, scrubbers, or absorbent pads for your cleaning solutions? We stock cleaning cloths, cleaning pads, and other wipes in a variety of quantities, sizes, and colors. 

Cleaning Tools

Tired of constantly running low on the cleaning tools and janitorial tools you need to get the job done? BlueDogSupplies.com has thousands of cleaning tools in stock and ready to ship today, so you’re sure to have the cleaning products you need to get the job done. Searching for scrubbing tools? We carry a huge stock of heavy-duty sponges and scrubbing pads, stripping pads, bath scrubbers, toilet scrubbers, and other scrubbing tools. Tired of your sprayers and other cleaning tools going missing? We also have a huge selection of sprayers and pumps that are suitable for cleaners and detergents of all types.

Trucks & Carts

Do you have a lot of janitorial supplies that you need to constantly move around? Save time on going back and forth to the supply closet by bringing your supply closet with you! We carry a great selection of janitorial trucks and carts that will help you to keep your janitorial supplies organized and mobile. We also have a number of hand trucks and dollies in stock that is ideal for moving heavier items, and moving lots of items all at once. 

Trashcans & Lids

You may not realize it, but trashcans are one of the most important janitorial supplies you can keep in your office. It’s not only important that you have enough trashcans for your office, but it’s important that they are the appropriate trash cans for your office. Does your office throw-away items that may be wet or rotting? It’s probably best that you invest in outdoor waste receptacles with lids to make sure that the liquids and smells don’t leak. Is the trash in your office usually just paper and other basic office garbage? You can probably get away with buying indoor trashcans for each employee’s desk. 

Cleaning Hardware & Accessories

Have a need for some more heavy-duty cleaning hardware and accessories? We’ve got you covered! We carry a huge selection of cleaning hardware and accessories including snap blade replacements, ladders, and step stools, various racks and tool holders, and even mobile tool drawers and tool chests. Whether you have an entire janitorial department and need to buy bulk janitorial supplies, or you are just buying cleaning accessories for your home office, we are sure to have the janitorial products you need to get the job done.