Dataproducts Black Ribbon (R6810)

Model: R6810
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping
Dataproducts Black Ribbon (R6810)

Dataproducts Black Ribbon (R6810)

Model: R6810
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping
  • Line Matrix - Black

$6.17 $22.07
  • In Stock

Product Description

Ribbon is designed for use in POS devices. It helps deliver consistent, crisp, sharp results. Ribbon is compatible with Printronix machines.

Product Features

  • For use in POS devices

  • Works in Printronix machines

  • Enjoy consistent results

  • Delivers crisp, sharp text

Product Specs



Manufacturer Stock No.






UPC Code




Brand Name


Country of Origin



Clover Technologies Group, LLC

Manufacturer Part Number


Manufacturer Website Address

Packaged Quantity

1 Each

Print Color


Print Technology

Line Matrix

Product Name

Black Ribbon

Product Type


Assembly Required

No assembly is required

Contains Recycled Materials




Unit of Measure


Item Weight


Ships via UPS


This item is sold by the




Country of Origin




Compatible Printers

Compaq LGL5 Plus Compaq LG15 Plus Compaq LG10 Plus Compaq LG05 Plus Plessey LP600 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 009 Printronix P9012-CH Printronix P9012 Printronix P6240 Printronix P600 MVP Printronix P9009 Printronix P6080 L Printronix P600 M Printronix P9005 Printronix P6080 Printronix P600 Printronix P6040 L Printronix P6280 L Printronix P6040 Printronix P6280 Printronix P600 XQ Printronix P6240 L Printronix P600 MXQ Memorex 2089 Microdata Sequel Microdata 985 Microdata Reality Micon/X MXL-9212 Micon/X MXL-6280 Memorex 1500 Series by MTX Mesa 600 Mesa 300 Microdata 980 Microdata 5360 Memorex 1508 Memorex 1280 Microdata Printronix Microdata 975 Microdata 5330 Microdata 5315 Memorex 1505 Memorex 1236 Memorex 1252 Memorex 1251-1 Huntress Corp P5205 Tandem 5532 Tandem 5531 Tandem 5525B Digital Equipment/DEC LXY 22 Digital Equipment/DEC LXY 21 Digital Equipment/DEC LXY 12 MCSI Printronix McDonnell Douglas Sequel McDonnell Douglas Reality McDonnell Douglas 985 McDonnell Douglas 980 McDonnell Douglas 975 Southwest Data Systems SDS 600 Southwest Data Systems SDS 300 Moore Business Forms Series 60 Texas Instruments LXY-11 Texas Instruments 600 Standard Register Flip Standard Register P 300 Tempest Tech LPM 5600 XQ Tempest Tech LPM 5300 XQ Standard Register P 150 Standard Register P 600 Lee Data 1380 Lanier H162-600 Lanier DM-300 Digital Equipment/DEC LXY 11 Digital Equipment/DEC LXY Interface Systems PR150 Interface Systems 9400-004 Interface Systems 9400-012 Interface Systems 7234 Model 1 Interface Systems 7234 Model 012 Interface Systems 7234 Model 011 Interface Systems 9400-008 Interface Systems PR300 Interface Systems 7234 Model 2 Digital Equipment/DEC LGL 9 Plus Plessey LP300 Philips P2982 Pertec SX40 Philips P2962 Pertec SL20 Printronix L150 Decision 1Data 6615 - New Model Decision 1Data 6704 Digital Equipment/DEC LGL 8 Plus Digital Equipment/DEC LG 05 Plus Weber Label Printer 64 Weber Label Printer 63 Weber Label Printer 62 Weber Label Printer Prime 3226 Printronix MVP150B Printronix L6280 Printronix L6040 Prime 3174 Prime 3173 Prime 3126 Printronix L600 BAR Code Cado Systems P300 Printronix L300 BAR Code Visara 1515 Wang LM900 Visara 1512 Weber Legitronic 60 Wang LM700 Weber Legitronic 55 Visara 1510 Wang LM400 Printronix L150 BAR Code Weber Legitronic 50 Visara 1509 Weber Legitronic 1700 Label Visara 1508 Printronix 600 N.S. Printronix 300 Printronix 150B NCR 2872 Printronix P4205 Printronix 150 Printronix P4008 Printronix 102796 Printronix P4005 Printronix 102247 Printronix P3240-NET Printronix P3240-CT Printronix P3040-CT Philips PTS 6883 Philips P4500 Ultimate Printronix Printronix P3040 Quiet Printronix P3040 Printronix P3020 Printronix P300 XQ Printronix P300 MXQ Printronix P300 M Printronix P300 Printronix P150 Printronix MVP2 Printronix MVP150C Printronix 600 Printronix Taskmaster Rexon Printronix Wincor Nixdorf ZD 09 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 010 Matthews MPS 4000 Logicon TPS Lowell Systems 1010 CTM ZD 600 Rexon 523 Digital Equipment/DEC LG 04 Plus Visara 1505 Weber Label Printer 68 Jacquard P300 Kodak KAR-400 KMW Hasp CTM ZD 300 CTM ZD 200 Unisys LP 800 Unisys UMS-1400 Digital Equipment/DEC LGL 5 Plus Memorex 1512 Plessey Lpvii/600 Plessey Lpvii/300 Digital Equipment/DEC LGL 4 Plus Digital Equipment/DEC LG 14 Plus IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 008 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 005 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 004 Digital Equipment/DEC LG 12 Plus Raytheon 2189-3 Raytheon 2189 Raytheon 2180-3 Randal Data System Turnkey Radio Shack LMP 2150 Raytheon 3316 Raytheon 3313 Raytheon 3311 600LPM Radio Shack DMP 2150 Raytheon 3311 300LPM Digital Equipment/DEC LG 12 RUF NR 66 Printronix Miltope 3609-212A ADP CDK Printronix Digital Equipment/DEC LG 09 Plus Triumph Adler TA 300 Triumph Adler ZD 300 Raytheon 2189-6 Digital Equipment/DEC LG 08 Plus Trilog T1100 Trilog T100 Trilog T1000 Facit D 6280 GBT 5080 Facit D 6085 Facit D 4280 Global Equipment P600 General Automation MVP HP LPQ 800 Honeywell PRU 0602 Hasi H162-300 HP LPQ 500 Global Equipment P300 Facit D 3040 Honeywell PRU 0150 General Automation 636 GBT 5040 Facit D 1150 HP LPQ 475 HP LPQ 1400 HP LPQ 1000 Harris H162-600 HP LP 475 Harris 4440 General Automation 633 General Automation 631 HP LP 800 HOH 300 Harris H162-300 Famox 300 HP LPQ 1500 HP LPQ 1200 Facit L 412 Facit L 408 Hasi H162-600 HP LP 500 Harris H162 Facit L 404 Evolution P300 Texas Instruments LP600 Decision 1Data 6610 - New Model Decision 1Data 6608-AOO Decision 1Data 6605-A00P Decision 1Data 6605-Tiap Weber Label Printer 67 CTM 900 Texas Instruments LP300 Texas Instruments 300 Mini Computer Systems 600 LPM Printronix P9012-CT Wincor Nixdorf 9045-20 Wincor Nixdorf 9045-10 Wincor Nixdorf 9045-40 Weber Label Printer 66 Unisys UMS-501 Unisys LP 1200 NSA AD 30/60 Unisys UMS-500 Unisys UMS-1000 Unisys UMS-475 PED Unisys UMS-800 Unisys UMS-475 Unisys UMS-1500 Interface 4100SC Printronix P3240 Digital Equipment/DEC LG 08 Digital Equipment/DEC LG 06 IBM/InfoPrint 6408 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 014 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 050 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 012 IBM/InfoPrint 6400 Model 015 InfoPrint 6400 Advisor Printronix Advanced Info 905 Advanced Info 3510 ADP Printronix Braegen LDP600 Braegen LDP300 Bell & Howell MPT Basic Four/MAI S-20 Basic Four/MAI S-10 Basic Four/MAI 950 Basic Four/MAI 905 Basic Four/MAI 810 Spool Basic Four/MAI 730 Basic Four/MAI 700 Basic Four/MAI 610 Basic Four/MAI 600 Basic Four/MAI 520 Basic Four/MAI 510 Spool IBM 6408 Basic Four/MAI 4236 - 3904 Basic Four/MAI 4235 - 3904 IBM 6400 Model 050 IBM 6400 Model 015 IBM 6400 Model 014 IBM 6400 Model 012 Basic Four/MAI 4224 IBM 6400 Model 010 Basic Four/MAI 4219 IBM 6400 Model 009 Basic Four/MAI 4214 IBM 6400 Model 008 Basic Four/MAI 4201 IBM 6400 Model 005 IBM 6400 Model 004 Basic Four/MAI 3905 Basic Four/MAI 3904 Basic Four/MAI 3562 Basic Four/MAI 3561 Basic Four/MAI 3560 Basic Four/MAI 3510 Basic Four/MAI 3207 Basic Four/MAI 3160 Basic Four/MAI 3152 Basic Four/MAI 3151 Basic Four/MAI 3150 Basic Four/MAI 300 Basic Four/MAI 150 Basic Four/MAI 0918 Basic Four/MAI 0916 Spool Banctec 9400 Printer Easiprint Printronix Digital Equipment (DEC) LXY 22 Digital Equipment (DEC) LXY 21 Digital Equipment (DEC) LXY 12 Digital Equipment (DEC) LXY 11 Digital Equipment (DEC) LXY Digital Equipment (DEC) LGL 9 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LGL 8 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LGL 5 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LGL 4 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 14 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 12 Plus Huntress P5205 Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 12 Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 09 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 08 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 08 Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 06 Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 05 Plus Digital Equipment (DEC) LG 04 Plus Digital Associates P600 Digital Associates P300 American Mopas Printronix AM Jacquard P300 Printronix L600 Printronix L300 Lanier H162-300 Cado Systems P600 Cado Systems P301 Calcomp LPD-300 Cado Systems Printronix Cado Systems P601 Decision 1Data 6605-Ctap Decision 1Data 6605-A00 Decision 1Data 6608-CTA Decision 1Data 6608 New Style Decision 1Data 6605-TIA Decision 1Data 6605-CTA Lowell Systems 1001

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