Dataproducts R0500 Compatible Correctable Ribbon

Model: R0500
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping Manufacturer Warranty

Dataproducts R0500 Compatible Correctable Ribbon

Model: R0500
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping Manufacturer Warranty

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Product Description

For use with typewriters. Economical, easy-to-install correctable ribbon. Device Types: Typewriter; OEM/Compatible: Compatible; Ribbon Type: Correctable; Material(s): Film.

Product Features

  • For use with typewriters.

  • Economical, easy-to-install correctable ribbon.

Product Specs




Manufacturer Stock No.






UPC Code




Correction Tape Type


Device Types


For Use With

ABS System I, System II, System III, System IV, System V; Casio 2000, FE2000, KP300; Citizen 3241, 3516, 3520, 3530, 3535, 3540, 3541, 3546, 3550, 3551, 4530; CBM-301, CBM-614, CBM-710, CBM-715, CBM-720, CBM-725, CBM-730, CBM-750, CBM-DP600, CBM-DP614, CBM-VLT, CP-121 Numeric; DD-600, DP-3520, DP-3530, DP-4530, DP-600, DP-6000, DP610, DP610H, DP611, DP-612, DP612G, DP614; DP-617, DP-617G, DP-617P, DP-622, DP-627, DP-630, DP-710, DP-720, DP-750; IDP-2516, IDP-3516, IDP-3520, IDP-353, IDP-3530, IDP-3530-F, IDP-3530-P, IDP-3531; IDP-3535, IDP-3540, IDP-3540-F, IDP-3540-P, IDP-3541, IDP-3541-F, IDP-3546, IDP-3550, IDP-3551, IDP-4530, IDP-4540, IR-61, VLT-Gaming; CRS 2000, 3000, 2000 Remote; Datacard 22, 24, 560, 640 Citizen Printer, 840 Citizen Printer, Troy Slip; Datarol 780, 3530-SP; JCM 3700; Micros 3700, 4700, 8700, 1200 Series, 385-1, 600013 Auto Cut, AC/2 Slip Printer, Autocut 2, Autocut 4000, Autocut 4700; Olympia CM1920; Panasonic 6520, 6522, 7000, DP630, Fast Food POS System, II, IR61, JS130, JS550, JS660, JS660RM, JS7500, JS800RM, Pan. II Old Style; Royal 9200-CMS, Alpha 1750, Alpha 9170, CMS750, CMS9000; Sanyo ECR-340; Sharp 430ERA, 770ERA, A430, ER03RP, ER4400 Citizen, ER4410 Citizen, ER4420 Citizen, ER4430 Citizen, ER-A430, ER-A770; Swintec WSW2250; TEC MA1300; Towa ET5416, ET6120, ET6420, ET6420-F; Verifone 300, 350, 2XP

Global Product Type

Ink/Correction Ribbons



OEM / Compatible


Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent


Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent


Printing Type


Ribbon Type


Total Recycled Content Percent


Assembly Required

No assembly is required

Contains Recycled Materials


Green Product


Manufacturer Warranty


Unit of Measure


Item Weight


Ships via UPS


Carton Pack Quantity

96 EA

Box Pack Quantity

1 EA

This item is sold by the




Country of Origin





Manufacturer's limited 12-month warranty.

Compatible Printers

Privileg 500 Triumph Adler BMA 8200C Triumph Adler Beta 8100 Triumph Adler Alpha 620 C Triumph Adler Beta 9000D Triumph Adler Alpha 700 D Privileg Electronic 5000 Royal SE 325 Royal SE 320 Royal SE 500 DS Royal Satellite III Royal Satellite IV Royal Satellite VI Royal SE 310 Royal Office Master 2000 Royal Gabrielle PFS Royal Gabrielle 7007 DS Royal Gabrielle 100 DS Royal Meteor II Royal Gabrielle 9009 Royal Gabrielle 7007 L Royal Gabrielle 100 SC Royal Gabrielle 100 IBM/InfoPrint Actionwriter I IBM/InfoPrint Actionwriter Triumph Adler SE 320 Triumph Adler SE 315 Triumph Adler SE 310 Triumph Adler SE 305 Olivetti CX 470 Olivetti CX 450 Triumph Adler 803 Triumph Adler 801 Triumph Adler 503 Triumph Adler 501 Triumph Adler 425 Triumph Adler 420 Triumph Adler 415 Triumph Adler 410 Triumph Adler VS 10 Triumph Adler Gabrielle 110 Triumph Adler Gabrielle 100 DS Triumph Adler Compact 600 DS Triumph Adler Compact 400 Data General 4467 Triumph Adler SE 400 M Triumph Adler Gabrielle 110 DS Triumph Adler Gabrielle PFS 2 Triumph Adler Gabrielle 7077 Triumph Adler SE 400 DS Triumph Adler Gabrielle Cyclo Triumph Adler Gabrielle 7007 L Triumph Adler Gabrielle PFS Triumph Adler Gabrielle 7007 DS Kienzle 213 Triumph Adler 325 Triumph Adler 320 Triumph Adler SE 400 Triumph Adler Twen T 110 Triumph Adler SE 801 Triumph Adler TRD 7020 Siemens PT 20 Optima SP-250 Optima SP-241 Optima SP-240 Optima SP-231 Optima SP-230 Optima SB-221 Optima SB-220 Triumph Adler Alpha 610 Triumph Adler 9009 Xerox 6002 Triumph Adler SE 501 Triumph Adler SE 500 DS Triumph Adler Satellite VI Triumph Adler Satellite IV Triumph Adler Meteor II Xerox 515 Xerox 6001 Triumph Adler Imperial Triumph Adler 310 Triumph Adler SE 503 Triumph Adler SE 425 Triumph Adler Satellite Viii Triumph Adler Satellite V Triumph Adler Satellite III Triumph Adler Office Master 2000 Triumph Adler Mercedes Xerox 575 Hermes H-32D Hermes H-32 Hermes H-20D Hermes H-20 Royal 420 Royal Satellite IIIc Royal Satellite VIII Royal Satellite V Royal 425 Royal 501 Royal 415 Royal SE 305 Royal Beta 8100 Royal Beta 220 Royal Beta 9000D Royal Compact 400 Royal 801 Royal Alpha 610 Royal Alpha 110 Royal Beta 8050 Royal Alpha 700 D Royal 503 Royal 115 Royal Beta 8200C Royal Beta 225 Royal BSM 100 Royal Alpha 605 Royal 803 Royal 410 Royal 390 Royal 325 Royal 320 Royal 315 Royal 310 Royal Compact 600 DS Royal Alpha 620 C Royal Alpha 115 Royal Compact 400 DS Royal SE 315 Triumph Adler 315 Triumph Adler SE 325 Triumph Adler VS 30 Triumph Adler SE 9009 Triumph Adler VS 20 Triumph Adler SE 803 Triumph Adler Gabrielle 100 SC Triumph Adler Gabrielle 100 Triumph Adler Compact 400 DS Triumph Adler BSM 100 Triumph Adler Gabrielle 9009 Adler Satellite Viii Adler Satellite VI Adler Satellite V Adler Satellite IV Adler Satellite III Adler Royal BSM 100 Adler Royal 803 Adler Royal 801 Adler Office Master 2000 Imperial SE 9009 Adler Meteor II Imperial SE 7007 Adler Imperial Alpha 110 Adler Gabrielle PFS Adler Gabrielle Cyclo Adler Gabrielle 9009 Imperial SE 325 Imperial SE 320 Imperial SE 315 Imperial SE 310 Imperial SE 305 Compact Imperial Gabriele 9009 Imperial Gabriele 7007 Adler Gabrielle 100 DS Adler Gabrielle 100 Adler Compact 400 DS Adler Compact 400 Adler BSM 100 Adler 803 Adler 801 Adler 503 Adler 501 Adler Royal 503 Adler 425 Adler Royal Satellite Viii Adler Royal Satellite VI Adler Royal Satellite V IBM Actionwriter I Adler 420 IBM Actionwriter Adler 415 Adler Royal 501 Adler Royal 425 Adler 410 Adler 390 Adler 325 Adler Royal 420 Adler Royal 415 Adler Royal 410 Adler Royal 390 Adler Royal 325 Adler Royal 320 Adler Royal 315 Adler Royal 310 Adler Royal 115 Adler 320 Adler 315 Adler 310 Adler Royal Satellite IV Adler Royal Satellite III Binder BT 20 Adler 115 Adler Royal Gabrielle PFS Adler Royal Gabrielle 100 SC Adler SE 500 DS Adler Royal Gabrielle 100 DS Adler SE 325 Adler SE 320 Adler Royal Gabrielle 100 Adler SE 315 Adler SE 310 Adler SE 305 Alphatext 1620 Logica 3004

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