Targus AV Accessories

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Targus Tip Storage Bar For Targus Docking Stati (ACC1129GLX)



Targus Usb-c To Hdmi Adapter Silver (ACA969GL)



Targus Usb-c To Displayport Alt. Mode Adapter (ACA968GLX)



Targus P38 Air Pointer Black (AMP38GL)



Targus Usbc Multiport Single Video Vga Adapte (ACA965USZ)



Targus Usbc Single Video Adapter W 4k Hdmidv (ACA961USZ)



Targus Usbc Sv Adapt W 100w Pd Silver (ACA960USZ)



Targus Usbc Mp Sv Hdmi Adapter Silver (ACA958USZ)



Targus P32 Dual Mode Presenter With Laser Point (AMP32GL)



Targus Usbc Multiplexer Adapter Black (ACA47GLZ)



Targus Dvi-i (m) To Vga (f) Adapter Black (ACX120USX)



Targus Hdmi (m) To Dvi-d (f) Adapter -bto- Bla (ACX121USX)



Targus Remotetunes For Ipod (AER0101US)