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2 June 2021

ASUS ZenBook Review – The Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Our Favorite ZenBook Models The Asus ZenBook is an ultra-light notebook computer that has been part of Asus’s lineup for nearly a decade. The ZenBook offers strong visuals and a sleek design at a mid-range price. How do the recent additions to the ZenBook compare to their predecessors? If you’re considering a ZenBook or are […] ...
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20 May 2021

Which Mouse is the Best Ergonomic Mouse for You?

If you spend most of your day in front of a PC, you probably use the mouse a lot. Traditional mouse designs are not the most comfortable accessories, though. A standard mouse might even be causing you fatigue, damaging your muscles or nerves, and slowing down your computer use. A traditional mouse forces you to […] ...
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13 May 2021

The 5 Best Germicidal Bleach Products

Dirt, grime, toxic fumes, bacteria, viruses, and any other irritant can expose you to germs that are part of daily life. Some germs put people at great risk, and contaminants like the novel coronavirus will not disappear with general disinfecting Walmart-style chlorine bleach cleaners. However, you can kill the germs at home or in commercial […] ...
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7 May 2021

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

The average American spends at least three hours a day on a keyboard while researching, working, and writing emails. This number drastically increases with data entry specialists, transcriptionists, secretaries, journalists, and even gamers. Being on a keyboard for prolonged periods may cause tendonitis — tendon inflammation usually caused by overuse. If left untreated, this condition […] ...
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30 April 2021

The Quest For The Best Charging Cable: An Easy-To-Use Magnetic Charging Cable

Mobile phone and gadget developers release innovations several times a year, making the industry a rapidly evolving one. Today, these devices have facial recognition, voice activation, and advanced security features that we did not imagine possible a few years ago. These modern attributes encourage manufacturers to upgrade accessories as well. We’ve seen a broad assortment […] ...
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18 April 2021

Why I Bought An ASUS ROG Strix Laptop: A Complete Review

Because of the pandemic, experts predict the number of American gamers to rise to 177 million individuals this year, representing a little over 53% of the population. From this number, 98.4 million people — or 55.4% of gamers — use desktops or laptops. The gaming laptop industry witnessed tremendous changes over the past eight years. […] ...
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11 April 2021

Choosing the Best USB Charging Stations for Your Business or Event

The average American home has 11 gadgets in it — typically smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and smartwatches. These gadgets have burdened us with the need for multiple chargers to keep them running. When using an individual charger — the one that comes with each device when you buy it — you realize that they all […] ...
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7 April 2021

SentrySafe Models: A Comparison Guide

Are you considering a purchase of a SentrySafe safe? Here is a detailed guide to their various Sentry safe models and tips on selecting a suitable model to protect your valuables. What type of safe is right for you? Before choosing a reliable safe, you’ll need to figure out the essential features you are looking […] ...
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